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Pride is a powerful force, and Pristine Edges biggest source of pride comes from the fact that she has never let a student of hers fail. But our stud is a special case. He cannot seem to pay attention while she is trying to teach him what he needs to know for his upcoming test. So, being the resourceful educator she is, Pristine comes up with an ingenious way to incentivize her unfocused student. For every correct answer he gets, Pristine takes off a piece of clothing. With the new reward system in place, suddenly this student seems to be picking up everything like clockwork. And pretty soon, he is balls deep in Pristines amazing pussy. He shafts her hard, filling her up with all the knowledge he has accumulated during his lessons. Then he unloads a big heap of educational cum all over her face. This guys going to ace his test for sure!
Milfty - Pristine Edge - Unorthodox Muff Methods

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