I really ate my friend’s mom

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I really ate the motherof my friend. I always had the greatest lust for my friend’s mother and whenever I slept there I would see her in lingerie and get a hard-on at the same time and today as soon as I woke up I found the hot brunette in lingerie in the kitchen and lost the line. I arrived behind her with a hard cock sarrando in the wonderful big ass that this naughty and she of course ended up surrendering. I picked her up right there, put the hot brunette in a prancing position, fell in her mouth in her pussy and in her ass, sucking the naughty todinha, making her shiver and she didn’t even have time to cover the dick, I already entered punching the piru inside her willingly making her beautiful big tits swing beautifully making the brunette moan pretty on my dick which of course was throbbing inside her smooth and fleshy pussy and I still let the hot girl give a nice ride on top of my dick and she moaned that it was a beautiful thing until I couldn’t take any more lust and come on top of her big tits. Check out this sex scene where I really ate my friend’s mom.

  • published in: 19/10/2021
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